Actual email from our IT guy:

Apologies for the server outage; I have now taken a hammer to it and it is working again

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Actual conversation between my PM and me:

Me: I can’t even insert tags in my segments. I get the buffering circle.
PM: I wish that buffering circle would buffer something else.

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When your colleagues are hotly debating a job you did but you can’t explain your awesome solutions (and crazy client demands) because of your confidentiality agreement



when ur with ur best friend


when ur admins get together

Anonymous said: How about a gif about when a PM tells you first thing in the morning that the file will be with you soon and when it arrives at 7pm, it comes with a note: due tomorrow first thing...

Anonymous said: Hi! Congrats on your Tumblr, it is always spot-on. Do you have a gif for that wonderful feeling of finding an understanding, competent PM after dealing with so many horrible ones? Thanks!

When I’m on a confidential project and my junior colleague asks me about it

"Can’t talk, low battery. Remember, I’m in Morocco? I’m literally lost in the desert. I climbed up a dune to see if I can get phone coverage or spot our camp from here and.." "I have just a small project for you." "Look, I really have to.." "It’s just 40 words. Can you waive your minimum charge?"

"I’m sorry I can’t talk now. I’m on a guided tour through a nuclear power plant and I can’t believe I have phone coverage here" "I know you’re not working today, but it’s just 300 words."

'Could you fit in this small job?' Turns out it's a fixing job.