When the statistics show I’ve been working for two people the past month


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Heads up to you all so you can start forming support groups in a calm and orderly fashion: TA will be on hiatus for two weeks starting next Monday.

Your admins will spend that time lazing on the beach on some remote island with no WiFi but plenty of cocktails with tiny umbrellas.

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When I try to get an overview of the client’s copious amounts of reference materials


A translator and a PM getting married





When you get a job offer translating german literatur from the 19th century and it turns out that the client is a nazi organisation

We’ve already used this gifset in an old post, and usually we try not to repeat ourselves, but this submission was too good to waste.

When I’m invited to a meeting with the client

Actual email from our IT guy:

Apologies for the server outage; I have now taken a hammer to it and it is working again

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Actual conversation between my PM and me:

Me: I can’t even insert tags in my segments. I get the buffering circle.
PM: I wish that buffering circle would buffer something else.

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When your colleagues are hotly debating a job you did but you can’t explain your awesome solutions (and crazy client demands) because of your confidentiality agreement



when ur with ur best friend


when ur admins get together