When people write “bæ”


(It means poop in Danish. Did you mean poop? Then I stand corrected.)

…you do not need a translator…

…you do not need a translator…

Congratulations to our translator friend who just had a baby


We suggest you set up a screen lock now.

Co-admin and I wish you all a lovely weekend.

Especially to the one who has promised us a romantic candlelit dinner.

And rose petals. Lots of rose petals.

P.S. Please pick up some ice cream on the way home, thxbye.

Anonymous said: A gif for all those PMs/direct clients that take for granted that you are willing to work on weekends because they just happen to have zillions of words to translate in a very short period of time. And of course, don´t you dare to charge a higher rate or an extra charge!

Why am I not further ahead with my revision, you ask, my dear PM? Because I’m the idiot fixing every little thing in this giant file, right down to hyphens and dashes…

Everyone should have a PM who speaks tumblr. But you can’t have mine.

We hereby declare this day International Freebee with no Context Day.

'Hop on, loser, we're going to use this new CAT tool'


When everything stops working, get a cup of tea and dunk bourbons in it…